BMW 320d xDrive M-Sport: Interesting model


BMW 320d xDrive M-Sport: Interesting model
BMW 320d xDrive M-Sport: Interesting model

It is the dream of every young man to drive a BMW 320d xDrive M-Sport one day and this BMW 320d xDrive M-Sport was recently "used" by a friend of ours. This lower-middle-sized sedan, but in the Premium class, has an elegant look thanks to the combination of metallic grey and black side stripes.

In terms of the lights, how do they look? LED technology is used for the lights. They are very simple to operate, and the appearance of the lights is very attractive. However, we are lacking the Angel Eyes daytime running lights that gave the BMW a distinctive look up front.

The BMW fans will, however, be pleased to know that when they see how the new models look and how the facelift has been carried out, there is nothing to regret.


Our car comes equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels (part of the M-Sport package) shod with Run-Flat tires that are BMW's proven choice.

While some dislike Run-Flat tires, some find them practical, some find them uncomfortable, we will refrain from stating our thoughts on them. It is a limousine that belongs to the premium segment, however we believe that passers-by will not stare in astonishment at you since it is a "classic" limousine instead of a modern one.

Despite the fact that it was redesigned a few years back, there is no doubt that the new car is one of the prettiest sedans on the market. In order to make the most of the available space behind the wheel, you can opt for the optional M seats.

You will have to adjust the seat via a manual mechanism much like you have to do with most cars of this class in which you do not have to spend 10% of the car's price just to pay for the seats and their electricity. In addition to being able to adjust lumbar support and the side supports of the seat according to the position of the user down to the last millimeter, there are other interesting features such as being able to adjust the side supports.

It is an attractive gear lever, as it is on larger BMW models, and it gives a strong impression of premium, but we have yet to test the new lever to determine if we like it or not. It is very pleasant to the touch and feels great under the hand when using the optional steering wheel, which is a big plus during long journeys and when driving in unfamiliar terrain.