Rimac's Nevera to Take the Stage in Robert Downey Jr.'s HBO Show


Rimac's Nevera to Take the Stage in Robert Downey Jr.'s HBO Show

Rimac Automobili's founder and director, Mate Rimac, recently shared captivating photos on his social media, capturing a momentous encounter with the renowned actor, Robert Downey Jr.

A Memorable Encounter with Robert Downey Jr.

in Croatia

In a post brimming with excitement, Rimac unveiled an intriguing anecdote relayed to him by the acclaimed actor, recounting his visit to Yugoslavia in the mid-1980s. Rimac opened his post by expressing his eagerness to finally share this anecdote, humorously mentioning that it transpired before his own birth.

During their conversation, Downey Jr. nostalgically recounted his visit to the Croatian city of Opatija, reminiscing about the hotel he stayed at and the particular wine he savored. Astonishingly, the actor possessed a remarkable recollection of even the minutest details surrounding the wine.

"He remembered the town he was in (Opatija), the hotel’s name and even the wine he was drinking. He knew which picture was on the label of the wine and the name of it. I couldn’t believe it - especially considering what he went through since.

Now my memory," Rimac confessed in his Facebook post, "I was telling the same above story to my colleagues later that same day. They asked me: “so which wine was it”. Of course - I couldn’t remember" Rimac humorously concluded his statement with an emoji, emphasizing the stark contrast between their memories.

Rimac Automobili's Presence in Robert Downey Jr.' s HBO Show

Rimac lauded Robert Downey Jr.' s amiable nature and genuine warmth, even when the cameras are no longer rolling. The encounter left Rimac with a sense of immense pleasure, having had the opportunity to engage with the esteemed actor on a personal level.

Foreign media outlets have recently reported that Robert Downey Jr. is set to host a show on HBO, wherein classic car collections will be transformed into hybrid versions. Among the distinguished vehicles featured in the show, the renowned Rimac Nevera will make its notable appearance.

Rimac Automobili's association with Robert Downey Jr.' s upcoming HBO show highlights the company's prominence in the electric vehicle industry and further solidifies their position as a leader in innovation and sustainability.

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