BMW Series 7 and i7 presented


BMW Series 7 and i7 presented

With the introduction of the new seventh-generation BMW Series 7, BMW has presented a product that will shock you with its design and leave you breathless with its technology. After several months of publishing spy images of the new BMW Series 7 and its electric variant i7, we now have a complete insight into the appearance and technical specifications of the new German Bavarian cruiser, which is being introduced at this year's Frankfurt motor show.

It was only a few weeks before the premiere of the new Series 7 that BMW introduced the refreshed X6 model, which, by the way of its design, has already confirmed our suspicions as to what the new Series 7 will look like, especially its front part.

As a matter of fact, the public was shocked to find out that there was a new "week", and a substantial number of BMW fanatics have not hidden their disappointment with the direction in which the design has gone.


It is difficult to avoid commenting on the appearance of such an important car, even if it is a matter of taste that is not discussed, especially if we are familiar with who the target audience is for such a car.

There has been a lot of criticism of BMW's use of the large engine grille since its introduction, but now the designers have gone a step further with their bizarre creations, dividing the front light group into four parts as they did eight years ago with the Citroën C4 CACTUS model.

It is good to know that the interior design of the new BMW Series 7 is not as controversial as the exterior. With BMW's Live Cockpit Plus and the latest iDrive 8 software, the driver will be able to experience the latest interpretation of BMW's Live Cockpit Plus.

There is a new curved screen in front of the driver and in the center of the central console. This is known as the Curved Display. Basically, it is about connecting two screens together with the use of a glass to create one whole screen. It has a diagonal size of 12.3 inches, while the central touch screen is 14.9 inches in length.