Volkswagen ID.2all and a specific detail that many missed to see!


Volkswagen ID.2all and a specific detail that many missed to see!
Volkswagen ID.2all and a specific detail that many missed to see!

There was a lot of attention paid during Volkswagen's presentation a few weeks ago to the exterior design and technology of the ID.2all concept model, but many people missed one important detail - the digital instrument panel.

There is nothing new about this configuration, that is, we see it on all new cars today. However, with this configuration, digital designers can use their imagination, and in this case they went back in time. A significant feature of this new Golf is the option to choose an instrument panel that is reminiscent of the early Golfs from the 1980s, the later versions of the Golf I and, subsequently, the new Golf II.

We welcome this retro-futurism in our design. It is also worth noting that the return to the past does not stop there, as it is also possible to choose instruments which are reminiscent of the Volkswagen Beetle from the past.

ID.2 all

The ID.2all is being advertised in VW's global advertising campaign as a model with a starting price of 25,000 euros that will be offered from 2025 onwards. As part of the plan, a smaller car that will cost 20,000 euros will be presented to the market.

Earlier on, it was speculated that Volkswagen would call the production version of the ID.Golf the ID.Golf, but it seems that the Germans are more focused on calling the production version of this model the ID.2. Working with one 223 horsepower electric motor and front-wheel drive, this car has a top speed of 100 km/h in just seven seconds.

There is also a possibility that the series version of the car will have a weaker engine. In terms of design, the vehicle is very close to its production form and is a slight departure from larger cars using the same platform, such as the ID.3 or ID.4.

As a matter of fact, it is a more traditional product (but still modern), which we could also call the visual continuity of the Volkswagen Polo - after all, the dimensions are similar with a length of 405 cm. There are 440 liters of space in the trunk of the car.

According to Volkswagen, the battery can be charged from ten percent to 80 percent in just 20 minutes and it has a range of 450 kilometers. There is a possibility that we will see this car in 2025 and it could be in a competitive segment such as the new Renault 5 and other similar models.