Ferrari Roma: Characteristics, exterior, interior

A 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engine, also used in other Ferrari models, is under the hood of this sports car

by Sead Dedovic
Ferrari Roma: Characteristics, exterior, interior

The Ferrari models of the last few years have attracted enormous attention with their appearances and qualities, and now it seems that the Ferrari engineers have even bigger plans for the future of this iconic brand. One of the last models in the series, the Roma model, arouses great interest.

We are always excited to hear about new Ferraris coming to the market, and this time it's about a beautiful Roma model that combines sporty design with luxury, giving drivers the chance to enjoy sporty performance in an elegant and classy way.

In the same vein as all Ferraris, the design and appearance of the body is an absolute treat to look at. There is a calming effect created by the body's smooth aerodynamic lines, which indicates that this is a luxury vehicle of the future.

This car puts the accent not on a sporty and robust look, but on its elegant shine, which conveys that it is the type of coupe you can relax in and enjoy to the fullest. A 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 engine, also used in other Ferrari models, is under the hood of this sports car.

An eight-speed DCT transmission, first introduced on the SF90 Stradale model, transmits the Roma's 611 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. A Ferrari Roma is said to reach 100 kilometres per hour in 3.4 seconds and 200 kilometres per hour in 9.3 seconds, with a top speed of 300 kilometres per hour.

Interior of the car

Aside from the exterior, the interior of the vehicle is also very luxurious and made of high-quality and expensive materials so that the driver and passengers will have a memorable experience while inside the vehicle.

As a matter of fact, due to the sporty spirit and how sensitive it is, you can expect to enjoy driving in this car if you enjoy high speeds. Next summer, the Ferrari Roma will join the Ferrari lineup of sports cars, with a price starting at around $220,000.

We have no doubt that this car will continue to draw even more attention in the future, as it has already attracted a lot of attention. There is a lot of expectation from this car, and it is likely to be a major boom in the automobile industry.