BMW and their new i5 model

A BMW electric beast with 1,342 horsepower is on the way

by Sead Dedovic
BMW and their new i5 model

It is expected that BMW will present the eighth generation of their 'classic' model, the 'series 5', in a few months - this time the version will be fully electric. In spite of their fierce opposition to electrification, even the "fierce" opponents seem to be slowly giving in to its demands.

Therefore, at BMW's annual conference, apart from excellent business reports, BMW also announced something that no one could have imagined would happen in just one year. In CES 2023, BMW will present the "Neue Klasse" concept vehicle - an electric vehicle that is fueled by hydrogen It was mentioned that there will be an 8th generation BMW 5 coming out soon.

However, this time, this car model will be available on the market in a fully electric variant, which means that it will only be powered by electricity. In support of this, BMW's statistics clearly indicate that 215,000 electric cars were sold last year and there is a 15% increase in this number expected for this year and next year.

A BMW electric beast with 1,342 horsepower is on the way It is estimated that this figure will increase by another 20% with the arrival of 2025 and 2026. BMW anticipates that every third car it sells from 2026 onwards will be electric.

We will leave the statistics to us and will move on to the ones that interest us (and we believe you as well) more. Let's start with the ones that interest us.

5 Series

As we have already mentioned, BMW's plans for the next generation of its popular "5 Series" automobile are very closely related to the electrification of the vehicle.

This space will exude a sense of digitization and a feeling of a "futuristic energy" throughout the entire interior. There will be several variations of the BMW "5 series" (8th generation) available on the market, including one or two electric motor versions.

As of 2035, gasoline and diesel engines will be banned in the European Union. In order to cater to those who do not enjoy the raw power of the gasoline/diesel engines, there will also be a "Performance" version of the car from the BMW "M package".

Despite the fact that this model is compared to the "good old" BMW 5 series, the market and the customers themselves need to be the ones to judge that.