A cars that won't be produced in 2023: Interesting list

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A cars that won't be produced in 2023: Interesting list
A cars that won't be produced in 2023: Interesting list (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

A number of car models will come to an end next year. As Americans continue to prefer SUVs, several passenger cars are being phased out, including the Chevrolet Spark, Toyota Avalon and Honda Insight. According to Vil Kaufman, news editor at Edmunds, small SUVs are becoming increasingly popular.

Due to changing consumer tastes and declining sales, automakers are discontinuing models. Vehicles competing with their range are rejected by some brands. According to Edmunds, the following cars and SUVs won't be on dealer lots in 2023: Acura ILX Since its release in 2013, the ILX compact luxury sedan hasn't received a major update.

Acura's new 2023 Integra will be the first point of entry into its lineup for customers. Buick Encore Introducing the Encore subcompact in 2013 was done with the goal of attracting younger buyers. GM reports that Encore sales in 2022 declined almost 42% over 2021 between January and September.

"Discontinuing the Buick Encore makes a lot of sense because Buick already sells the Encore GX, which is a similar-sized sibling," Kaufman said. "It makes no sense to have competition from within."- He concluded.

Chevrolet Spark

Edmunds reports that Chevrolet discontinued production of the Spark subcompact in August.

Spark began at $14,595 with destination and handling, making it one of the least expensive new cars on the market. It was recently revealed that the Chevrolet is America's cheapest new car. Ford EcoSport According to the Detroit Free Press, Ford has announced it will phase out the EcoSport subcompact crossover SUV in 2022.

Since late 2017, Ford's smallest and most affordable SUV has seen sales decline, making it Ford's smallest and most affordable model. Honda Insight In June, Honda's Indiana plant will stop producing the Insight hybrid sedan so it can focus on its hybrid models. Almost 70,000 Insight sedans have been sold since Honda introduced the model in 2018.