Audi's Next Flagship Model: The Electric A8 Inspired by the Grandsphere Concept

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Audi's Next Flagship Model: The Electric A8 Inspired by the Grandsphere Concept
Audi's Next Flagship Model: The Electric A8 Inspired by the Grandsphere Concept (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Audi, the German automaker known for bringing its concepts into production, is set to launch its next-generation A8 model based on the Grandsphere prototype. This highly anticipated electric vehicle, slated for release next year, is expected to draw inspiration from the Grandsphere, not only in its design but also in its innovative features.

From Concept to Reality: The New A8 Takes Shape

The Grandsphere, known for its sleek and muscular design, and elegant interior inspired by first-class cabins on long-haul international flights, has garnered much attention since its unveiling.

The automaker's design chief, Marc Lichte, has confirmed that the Grandsphere is a "very concrete teaser" of what is to come in the new A8, stating, "It’s not far away from what will become production. It’s not 1:1 but very close." Although the new A8 may share similar design elements with the Grandsphere, its more advanced technical features, such as full level 5 self-driving, are unlikely to make it into the production model.

Instead, the new A8 will be built on Audi's 800-volt Premium Platform Electric architecture, which was developed in collaboration with Porsche and will be used in the brand's future electric vehicles, including the K6 E-Tron, the next-generation A4, and A6.

The Future of Electric Mobility: A Preview of the New A8

The new A8 will have a distinctive look, with a grille that does not have any slats, indicating that it will be a full electric vehicle. The door mirrors, reminiscent of the Q8 E-Tron SUV, are expected to feature cameras that will display what's behind on individual screens inside the car, which will not only reduce drag but also add to the car's cost.

This feature, however, has not been confirmed for the American market.

The Future of Audi Mobility

The Grandsphere series, which began in 2021, represents Audi's vision of the future of mobility. While it remains to be seen whether similar "sphere" concepts will follow, the new A8, inspired by the Grandsphere, is expected to be a hit.

If the new A8 proves to be successful, who knows what the future holds for the Grandsphere series? Fans of the Grandsphere series can only hope that the next item on Audi's list is an off-road variant, the Activesphere SUV.