The most expensive car in the world; Mercedes model


The most expensive car in the world; Mercedes model

Assuming that the rumors are true, this means that this Mercedes was sold for three times the previous record holder for the most expensive car ever sold. According to American media, the Silver Arrow 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe sold for an incredible 142 million dollars, making it a record price for a Silver Arrow.

In a statement, Hagerty cited several sources in announcing the news, and Mercedes has not yet confirmed the news. There have been reports that the car was sold on May 6 at a private auction for up to a dozen selected collectors, which took place at the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart as part of a private auction.

As you can see on the museum's website, there is an announcement stating that the museum's doors will be closed to the public until May 15. According to the report, the new owner will probably remain anonymous as soon as the news is confirmed to be accurate.


I would like to remind you that the most expensive car till now has been the Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962, which reached a price of 48,405,000 USD in 2018 and still holds that title today. This led to rumors spreading that another copy of this model would be sold for more than 70 million dollars in the future.

It is no mistake that the top 10 most expensive cars in history were all Ferraris, with the exception of two cars, the Mercedes W196 from 1954 and the Aston Martin DBR1 Roadster that both had a price tag of more than 20 million dollars.

There are only two copies of the Silver Arrow racing car in existence, which make it a rare racing car. During the Goodwood Festival of Speed, ten years ago, this particular example was on display by Sir Jackie Stewart and Mika Hakkinen, both of whom were in attendance with this particular example.

We don't have to spend too much time talking about Mercedes. They have been doing a great job on the market for many years. We have no doubt that he will continue with the tradition.