Bentley Revives the Azure: A Tribute to the Classic R-Type Continental

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Bentley Revives the Azure: A Tribute to the Classic R-Type Continental

In 2022, Bentley Motors, the renowned British luxury car manufacturer, introduced a new package for their Continental GT model, reviving the name Azure and focusing on passenger comfort and luxury. To pay tribute to the iconic T-Type Continental from 1953, the company has now presented a unique example of the Continental GT with the Azure package.

The R-Type Continental: A Timeless Classic

The R-Type Continental was delivered to Dr. Rowland Guenin in Switzerland in December 1953 and was characterized by its ivory body color and red interior. The car was purchased by Bentley in 2001 and underwent a complete restoration.

This classic car served as an inspiration for the new Continental GT Azure.

The Continental GT Azure: A Modern Tribute

The Continental GT Azure, painted in Old English White, similar to the color of the R-Type, features bright chrome accents on its sides and radiator grille, and is fitted with 22-inch wheels with a black and polished finish.

The interior is upholstered in Cricket Ball Brown leather, as opposed to the red interior of the classic model, but both cars feature Burr Walnut wood veneer covering the dash. In the case of the modern car, an open-pore finish has been applied to give the material a patina similar to that of the classic model.

Other details include flat-grain Australian veneer with boxwood inlay, as well as gold overlay. The silhouette of the R-Type is found on the door sill plates.

Luxury and Advanced Technology

The Azure package includes a plethora of equipment, such as front seats with a massage function and six different settings that can be programmed, and the Bentley Dynamic Ride system with active stabilizers that prevent the car from leaning when cornering.

Additionally, the Touring Specification includes adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, traffic assist, and infrared cameras for detecting pedestrians, cyclists or animals that are outside the light beam. A HUD display is also part of the package.

The T-Type Continental made its debut in 1952 with a 4.6-liter 6-cylinder engine that developed 153 hp. The prototype completed a lap at the Montlhery circuit near Paris with an average speed of 191.1 km/h over five laps, making it one of the fastest four-seater cars at the time.

Bentley built 208 examples before the end of production in 1955. The Continental GT Azure is a modern tribute to the iconic R-Type Continental, combining luxury and advanced technology, and paying homage to a timeless classic.