Exceptional 1995 Ferrari F512 M to be Auctioned in Phoenix, Arizona

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Exceptional 1995 Ferrari F512 M to be Auctioned in Phoenix, Arizona

Auction house RM Sotheby's is set to host a highly-anticipated event in Phoenix, Arizona, offering car enthusiasts the chance to bid on a truly exceptional 1995 Ferrari F512 M. Scheduled for January 26, 2023, the event is not one to be missed for fans of the iconic Italian brand.

Lot #124, the 1995 Ferrari F512 M, is expected to sell for between $625,000 and $700,000, depending on its condition. This particular vehicle is considered a rarity, being described as the "awaited iteration of the Testarossa lineage." It is also significant for being the last machine from Ferrari to leave the factory with a flat-12 engine, producing an impressive 440 horsepower.

Chassis number ZFFVG40AKSS0100483 is matched with engine number 37826, RM Sotheby's did not specify if the documentation confirms both matches. The model was originally launched in 1994 and is a continuation of the 512 TR, which should attract the attention of collectors looking to add a unique piece to their collection.

Canna di Fucile Metallizzato exterior

The 1995 Ferrari F512 M is also notable for its Canna di Fucile Metallizzato exterior, a smoky gray color that is said to be a rare sight in the United States. The cockpit is also decked out in beige leather upholstery with matching Castoro carpets.

RM Sotheby reports that the vehicle has 14,150 miles under its belt at the time of cataloging. In order to perform a significant engine-out servicing, including a full belt and pulley service, spark plug replacement, fluid flush, and new filters, the consignor hired authorized Ferrari service facilities at Lake Forest Sports Cars of Lake Bluff, Illinois, in order to get the car ready for the sale.

New brake lines and tires were also installed on the car. This stellar Canna di Fucile F512 M would be an excellent example for the individual looking to enjoy the thrills of flat-12 Ferrari ownership on the open road. With fewer than 14,150 miles on the clock and operating "on the button" thanks to its recent servicing, this 1995 Ferrari F512 M is sure to be a prized possession for its lucky new owner.