Peugeot Unveils Futuristic Inception Concept Electric Vehicle


Peugeot Unveils Futuristic Inception Concept Electric Vehicle
Peugeot Unveils Futuristic Inception Concept Electric Vehicle

Peugeot has unveiled the Inception Concept, an electric vehicle designed to inspire future models and set to hit the market as early as 2025. The French car manufacturer presented the concept at CES 2023, revealing a radical design based on Stellantis' STLA Large platform.

Measuring 5 meters long and 1.34 meters high, the Inception Concept is equipped with 800 Volt technology and boasts a large 100 kWh battery that allows for a range of 497-800 kilometers on a single charge. Its induction charging system allows the battery to be recharged for an additional range of 150 kilometers in just five minutes.

The Inception Concept

The Inception Concept's two electric motors give it roughly 680 horsepower and all-wheel drive, enabling it to reach 100 kph in less than three seconds. The proposal also contains the next-generation i-Cockpit with the Hypersquare control system, which incorporates a rectangular steering wheel inspired by video games and a "drive by wire" technology to replace mechanical control parts.

The car's impressive 7.25 square meters of glass are made of Narima glass and have a metal oxide coating that was originally created for NASA astronaut helmet visors. The glass gives the windows a yellow hue while maintaining its thermal properties.

The Inception Concept offers level 4 autonomous driving thanks to STLA AutoDrive technology. The cockpit can transform from a driver-focused space to a more comfortable cabin, with the steering wheel able to be retracted and the control panel hidden.

In addition to its impressive performance and futuristic design, the Inception Concept also has a strong focus on sustainability. The car is made with recycled and biodegradable materials, and its production process is designed to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Peugeot is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is striving to make all of its vehicles electric by 2023. The Inception Concept is a major step toward achieving this goal, and the company is confident that it will set a new standard for electric vehicles in terms of performance, design, and sustainability.

In order to reach its 2030 objective of becoming the top electric brand in Europe, Peugeot wants to implement a large portion of the cutting-edge technology and innovations featured in the Inception Concept in production by 2025. Five electric models will also be introduced by the corporation in the ensuing two years.