Top 5 legendary Mercedes models


Top 5 legendary Mercedes models
Top 5 legendary Mercedes models

In the automotive world, the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star is without a doubt the most striking symbol of luxury and style. It is the oldest car manufacturer in the world, having been founded in 1881. This list takes a look at the 5 most beautiful models from Stuttgart, although you can imagine what the future will look like by looking at the latest Mercedes.

The fifth place is the 1979 Gelandewagen (G-Class). German version of the Jeep, made for the German army as a light combat vehicle. As a result of Volkswagen's cheaper version being chosen, the model failed to prove itself in battle.

The global automotive industry still relies on it today. In addition to being an icon of luxury, the cube design has become synonymous with off-road quality. At around $100,000, it is among the most expensive SUVs you can find.

Number 4 - 2004 CLS This is a truly revolutionary vehicle concept, and it continues to be so today. There are four doors, which means the back bench (which has a capacity of two people, admittedly) is very usable, and a lowered roof, like a sports car or coupe.

In order to compete in the sports car market, other manufacturers (Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin...) were obliged to release models that could seat more than two people after the CLS was released.

The third place is 1963 600 Pullman Road

Aristotle Onassis, Jack Nicholson, Fidel Castro, Coco Chanel, Hugh Hefner, Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Aristotle Onassis, and Pol Pot: What do they have in common? This is a Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman, a 1963 model.

This was the first car with a hydraulic roof, windows, trunk, and doors. The number of pieces produced was only 3,000. Majbah's predecessor possessed one of the strongest sirens available. Runner-up - 2011 SLS AMG Mercedes' first completely AMG-designed model.

SLS is most notable for its doors (wings), which it inherited from the original 1950 model. When a car is at risk of tipping over, the latest technology uses the position and manner in which the doors are opened to keep it from tipping over.

It was declared the sexiest car of 2010. Place #1 - 1983 190E Cosworth All-wheel drive on the Crosworth 190E was originally developed for rallying. The M3 model of BMW was inspired by the car, which reached over 300 horsepower and set several speed records. Cosworth's 190E is considered to be the forerunner of AMG's sedan.