Suzuki Jimny Gets Customized with New LST and LST-Up Packages from ESB


Suzuki Jimny Gets Customized with New LST and LST-Up Packages from ESB
Suzuki Jimny Gets Customized with New LST and LST-Up Packages from ESB

Japanese tuner ESB has once again demonstrated the versatility of the Suzuki Jimny with the release of two new modification packages. The Jimny has proven to be the perfect base for various types of modifications thanks to its simple, retro, and rugged nature, and ESB is one of the many tuners that offer a number of add-ons for this SUV.

In this case, those add-ons are grouped into two different packages called LST and LST-Up. Both packages from the Osaka tuner include front fascia add-ons that give the Jimny an "angry" look, as well as white 16-inch CLS TC01 lightweight wheels, fender flares, a large rear spoiler (ducktail), and a flat muffler.

However, the similarities between the two packages end there. The most significant difference is in the suspension, as the LST package includes springs that lower the Jimny by 40 to 90 mm, while the LST-Up package includes components to raise the SUV by 76 mm.

This difference in suspension allows owners to customize their Jimny to suit their specific needs, whether they prefer a lower stance for improved handling on the road or a higher stance for better off-road performance.

LST package

There are also different tires on the rims of the two packages.

The LST package is equipped with 195/50R16 Nankang tires, while the LST-Up package has Maxis 245/70R16 tires that offer better grip for off-road adventures. The focus on the body kits is also different, with the LST package featuring deeper and taller sport fenders connected to wider fenders by add-ons, and the LST-Up package featuring slimmer off-road fenders that expose much of the suspension and tires and are combined with "cut-out" fenders.

This setup was chosen to allow the larger wheels to spin without touching the body, while also improving off-road angles in combination with the raised suspension. The LST package also includes fender extensions, while the LST-Up package has an additional grille and undercarriage protection.

These additional features allow owners to further customize their Jimny and protect it from the elements and debris on the road or off-road. Powertrains for the Suzuki Jimny remain the same regardless of which package is chosen, meaning the SUV is available with either a 658 cc three-cylinder engine that produces 63 hp or a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that delivers 101 hp.

Those who already own a Jimny can choose to add the LST modifications for $4,469, or the LST-Up modifications for $2,939, not including the cost of the stiffened suspension. Both packages offer a variety of customization options for the Suzuki Jimny, allowing owners to tailor their SUV to their specific needs and preferences.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the arrival of the renewed Jimny, which is expected to be released in 2023. The updated model is rumored to include mild hybrid technology, which could potentially improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Whether you're a current Jimny owner looking to customize your vehicle or a potential buyer waiting for the new model, there is no shortage of options available to make the Suzuki Jimny the perfect SUV for your needs.