Luxury SUV gets visual upgrades with Project Kahn package


Luxury SUV gets visual upgrades with Project Kahn package
Luxury SUV gets visual upgrades with Project Kahn package

Project Kahn, known for modifying Land Rover models, has revealed a package for the new generation Range Rover luxury SUV. The package includes subtle visual improvements, with the most noticeable change being the massive rims available in sizes between 22 and 24 inches.

The rims come with high-performance tires and range in price from 3,945 to 9,278 euros. The package also includes a three-piece front bumper extension, similar to ones offered for previous generations of Range Rovers. The splitter creates a more pronounced "chin" on the SUV, but the overall look is not overly aggressive.

The bumper accessory costs 2,780 euros in body color or 3,475 euros in carbon. In addition to the bumper and rims, Project Kahn offers a two-tone exterior, with satin black for the hood and body under the windows, as well as the option to paint the roof in satin black.

The tuner also offers to replace the Range Rover badge with "Kahn" lettering on the hood and tailgate.

Project Kahn

The photos of the modified SUVs show a black Range Rover with 23-inch Type 52 RS forged wheels, intended for everyday use, and a blue Range Rover with 24-inch Type 33 forged alloy wheels with a satin black and diamond finish.

While the larger rims fill the wheel space, they may impact the off-road capabilities of the SUV. Project Kahn's package for the new Range Rover includes a range of options for modifications, including front bumper extensions and various sizes of wheels.

The most expensive of the wheel options is the set of 24-inch wheels, priced at €9,278.16 (equal to $9,855 at the time of writing). The 23-inch wheels, which are intended for everyday use and are featured on the black Range Rover in the photos, are priced between €3,945.36 ($4,191) and €4,175.76 ($4,434) depending on the selected finish.

The front bumper extension is available in body-colored form for €2,780.34 ($2,952) or in a limited production carbon-fiber version for €3,475.14 ($3,689). According to Afzal Kahn, designer and founder of Project Kahn, the tuner has "further exciting plans in store for the new models across 2023," so fans of the company can look forward to additional upgrades in the future. Range Rover owners who are interested in personalizing their SUVs can contact Project Kahn for a quote.