'Celebrities' who are not allowed to drive a Ferrari!

David Lee's case was completely different

by Sead Dedovic
'Celebrities' who are not allowed to drive a Ferrari!

The famous car brand, Ferrari, has banned some famous people from driving their cars for several reasons, and we will list some of them. Deadmau5 Perhaps one of the most famous personalities to appear in the media related to Ferrari over the years has been this singer who ended up losing the race in the end.

It was in 2013 when Deadmau5 painted his Ferrari 458 Spider with a Nyan Cat theme. As a result, he modified the car with some special markings and floor mats, renaming it "Purrari". Moreover, he took advantage of every possible opportunity to show off his "work" at any possible vehicle event.

It is not unusual for Ferrari to prohibit significant modifications to their cars, so the fact that the "Purrari" had done so was extremely offensive to him. The car was put up for sale after Deadmau5 sent a cease and desist letter, which contained enough information to allow him to sell the car as it stands.

When the vehicle reappeared on the market a few years later, with significant discounts, but still emblazoned with the name "Nyan the Cat", he alleged that he had removed the foil prior to this, but this was proved to be untrue a few years later.

Deadmau5 will never be able to afford a new Ferrari for the rest of his life.

David Lee

David Lee's case was completely different from that of Deadmau5 in that both cases were dragged through the media, yet the things that happened with David Lee were, to say the least, outrageous and difficult to comprehend.

He also owns "Hing Wa Lee Jewelers" empire, which boasts some of the world's most beautiful and rare four-wheelers. A number of Ferraris are among them, some of which were purchased new from their factories, while others were restored classics.

No new limited editions were purchased, however. Even attending Ferrari's driving school, visiting its factory and establishing ties with a local Ferrari dealer in order to be considered for a limited-edition model were three actions Lee took to get on the VIP list. series. Ferrari rejects him repeatedly, even though he insists he'll keep trying.