Ford reveals the most extreme GT in their history with more than 800 horsepower


Ford reveals the most extreme GT in their history with more than 800 horsepower
Ford reveals the most extreme GT in their history with more than 800 horsepower

Ford left the best for last and presented the most extreme version of the GT model in history. There have been several special versions of the supercar in the past, but now they've been joined by the new Mk IV, which resembles the 1967 racing car of the same name and serves as the last GT focused solely on the track.

This model pays homage to its 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning ancestor, and production will be limited to 67 examples. Each one will be handcrafted at Multimatic's facility in Markham, Ontario.

Performance is based on big dollars

“The original GT Mk IV held nothing back for max track performance, and the new Ford GT Mk IV brings it in the same way,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports.

“With an even higher level of motorsport engineering and performance, plus a completely new carbon fiber body that is functional and striking, the Mk IV is the ultimate sendoff of the third-generation supercar”.

The Ford GT Mk IV (2023) follows the GT LM Edition that was unveiled at the beginning of October as the last road-going version of the supercar. And while that model develops "only" 660 hp, the new one delivers more than 800 hp.

Ford mentions a "unique EcoBoost twin-turbo engine", but does not clearly state that it is based on the same 3.5-liter V6 engine. However, it is known that the volume is larger, but official details are still awaited. “Multimatic’s brief was to create the most extreme final version of the Ford GT, and the Mk IV is the outcome,” said Larry Holt, executive vice president, Multimatic Special Vehicle Operations Group.

“A unique larger displacement engine, proper racing gearbox, stretched wheelbase and truly radical body has resulted in an unprecedented level of performance. We are proud to have been a part of the third-generation GT from its inception to this amazing swan song and consider it a significant chapter in Multimatic’s history”.

The headlights are simplified, there are no side mirrors, the body is wider and contains extreme aerodynamic components such as a huge rear wing and a diffuser. There is a carbon ventilation roof hatch, front wings and a huge splitter.

The side air intakes seem larger, and the reason is probably the greater need for cooling the more powerful engine. Interested buyers must go through an application process and prepare $1.7 million, and Ford will select lucky "winners" in the first quarter of next year. Deliveries begin in late spring.