Delta4x4's G-Class is ready for the toughest weather conditions

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Delta4x4's G-Class is ready for the toughest weather conditions

In order to fulfill the request of an extremely wealthy client, Delta4x4 prepared even the most difficult weather conditions for a Mercedes G-Class. It is about the G500 model, which received tracks after modifications. The process was not at all easy, and above all, the tuner raised the suspension by 20 centimeters and widened the fenders in order to create the necessary space for the treads.

The conversion cost a lot of money, and 50,000 euros were needed for parts and track installation. All parts required homologation in Switzerland which entails testing and inspections, which cost an additional 50,000 euros.

Suspension improvements and homologation cost the owner about 19,000 euros, while he allocated 20,000 euros for a modified front bumper, front bumper, additional set of wheels, and roof racks. The total price of the modifications is about 139,000 euros and is in addition to the basic price of the G500 model, which costs 130,203.85 euros in Germany.

Modifications are actually more expensive than the vehicle itself.

The company's official website states a clear goal:

"The delta4x4 Offroad Package for the Mercedes G-Class follows a clear maxim: Increasing off-road capability." "What immediately captures the eye are the 80mm wheel arch extensions on the front and rear axles.

The aim here was to design the wheel arch extensions in such a way that they blended harmoniously into the vehicle design. In conjunction with the new Bilstein suspension kit (50mm raise) and the in-house 50mm body lift kit, there is no room in the wheel arch for matching Offroad tires 35×12.5R20 or 315/60R20 from Mickey Thompson, Cooper, and Yokohama.

Thanks to the Bilstein suspension kit and the delta4x4 body lift kit the vehicle has 80mm more ground clearance at the front and 50mm more space under the rear axle. This increases the ground clearance to around 290mm and greatly enhances the off-road capability of the vehicle.

The slope angle is increased to approx. 35° at the front and rear." reads Delta4x4's official page. We should not forget that it is possible to remove the tracks and install the mentioned set of wheels for everyday use. The company Delta4x4 specializes in extreme conversions like this one.