The Zenvo TSR-GT is a Danish hypercar with 1,360 hp


The Zenvo TSR-GT is a Danish hypercar with 1,360 hp

Zenvo Automotive will produce only three examples of its new TSR-GT hypercar, and all three have already been reserved or sold. Danish company Zenvo Automotive made headlines a few years ago thanks to the active wing of its TSR-S model, but the new TSR-GT adopts a fixed rear wing and serves as the "swan song" of the TS family, presenting a more aerodynamic and faster version.

Body changes make the hypercar extremely aerodynamic and enable a higher maximum speed compared to previous TS "derivatives". In addition to aerodynamic improvements, which include a longer rear wing and aerodynamic wheel covers, the TSR-GT also uses a more powerful engine.

It is a 5.8-liter V8 engine with two superchargers, which develops 1,360 hp. This engine can use E85 fuel, and compared to the standard TSR-S model, it delivers an additional 183 hp.

Top speed, 263 mph

The electronically limited top speed is 263 mph, while the TSR-S, which was more focused on the track, could reach 201 km/h.

As its name suggests, the TSR-GT is more of a grand tourer, which is why the carbon interior of the TSR-S model has been replaced by a more luxurious one covered in different types of leather. Zenvo has also produced new velor floor mats with leather edges, which also have a sound insulation function.

Only three road examples of the model will see the light of day, and all three are already sold out at an unknown price. The GT follows the track-only TSR model we saw in 2016, as well as the TS1 GT and TSR-S that arrived later.

"A new era for Zenvo beckons, but before then, we've created our interpretation of a GT variant of the TS platform," said Jens Sverdrup, Zenvo's Chief Commercial Officer and chairman of the board. "We'll make just three models, all of which are allocated to global collectors." A completely new model will arrive on the market in the third quarter of 2023, and Zenvo says that it will use a V12 engine with two electric turbochargers that will develop 1,200 hp, but also an electric motor that will increase the total power to 1,500 to 1,800 hp.