Hydrogen-Powered, Hyperion XP-1 with 2,000 HP and 1,000-mile range debuts


Hydrogen-Powered, Hyperion XP-1 with 2,000 HP and 1,000-mile range debuts
Hydrogen-Powered, Hyperion XP-1 with 2,000 HP and 1,000-mile range debuts

The Xyperion XP-1 made headlines in August 2020 thanks to its impressive specs, and now the Californian company's first model has been unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and it still looks like a vehicle made by an alien civilization.

The hypercar is still in prototype form and has not undergone design changes compared to the renders we saw more than two years ago. However, it looks even stranger in person with its unconventional proportions, complex intakes and parts sticking out of the body including adaptive wings covered in solar panels.

The Xyperion XP-1 has a range of 1,635 kilometers when the carbon tanks are full of hydrogen, and the charging process takes less than five minutes. The drivetrain includes hydrogen fuel cells, supercapacitors instead of batteries, a three-speed transmission and four electric motors driving all four wheels.

The total power is more than 2,000 hp, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in about 2.2 seconds, while the maximum speed is 356 km/h. The XP-1 weighs 1,032 kg, which is significantly less than most electric hypercars, and this is the result of the carbon-titanium monocoque structure, aluminum suspension, body reinforced with titanium composite, and the absence of a massive battery.

Hyperion in cooperation with NASA

A growing number of hydrogen technologies are being developed by Hyperion in cooperation with NASA in order to commercialize them and to discover new applications for these technologies.

Several NASA technologies have been licensed to Hyperion by NASA under a license agreement the space agency confirmed to CNN Business. “Part of what we’re aiming to do is to give a sense of pride for what America has done in the past, through NASA technology, and kind of brings people together around something that everybody can look at and say ‘That’s American, I’m proud of that,” Kafantaris said.

As announced back in 2020, Hyperion intends to produce 300 examples of the XP-1. Production was originally planned to start this year, but that has apparently been delayed. Last year, a camouflaged hypercar prototype was tested in Las Vegas. Hyperion is already accepting reservations through the official website.

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