The Wiesmann Project Thunderball costs 300,000 euros


The Wiesmann Project Thunderball costs 300,000 euros

When the Wiesmann Project Thunderball will go into production is still unknown, but it should happen soon as orders are being taken. "Project Thunderball is our extraordinary response to the electrification revolution that is tearing through the automotive world.

Honed and evolved, it fuses the characteristics that make electric powertrains so astonishing, with the unique features of a Wiesmann. In so doing, we have delivered not simply the world's first all-electric convertible sports car, but an all-electric sports car that drives like a true Wiesmann.

Thunderball is available to order now." reads their official page. The Project Thunderball electric roadster is based on a unique platform, Wiesmann moved the cabin as far back as possible to preserve the classic shape. This was a very difficult task because of the electric drive because two electric motors are located right behind the cockpit and drive the rear wheels.

The T-shaped battery is positioned to lower the car's center of gravity, occupying the central tunnel and extending to the front wheels. “This is the culmination of a dream, the result of years of design excellence and engineering brilliance.

I truly believe we’ve made not just the world’s most exciting electric sports car, but a car so unique that it will appreciate in value over its lifetime”. said Roheen Berry, Owner of Wiesmann. It is a battery with a capacity of 92 kWh, of which 83 kWh can be used, and it is expected to enable a range of up to 500 kilometers.

Wiesmann chose a mixture of water and glycol for cooling, and the battery management system allows engineers to adjust and optimize it for all driving conditions. It is an 800-volt technology that enables 300kW fast charging.

Wiesmann did not say how long it takes to charge the 500 kg lithium-ion NMC battery.

The car's body is made of carbon fiber, and it weighs 1,700 kg.

The mentioned electric motors deliver 680 HP and 1,100 Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, and drivers can choose from five regenerative braking settings available for selection on the steering wheel. Production will take place at Wiesmann's Gecko facility in Germany.

It is not yet known when sales will begin, but reservations have been open since September. Three quarters of production slots in the first year are overfilled. The production version of Project Thunderball, which is just a code name, will have a starting price of 300,000 euros.