The Alpha Motors Montage is a retro electric car that costs $449,000

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The Alpha Motors Montage is a retro electric car that costs $449,000

Alpha Motor Corporation is taking reservations for a new model that looks completely different from anything we've seen from the electric brand. “Alpha is focused on building the electric vehicle future that we want to live in,” the car company said in a statement.

“The collaboration with Free & Easy accentuates the vibrant, creative, and diverse culture of California, which inspires adventure-seeking cars such as the JAX, WOLF, and now the REX. Through these vehicles, we are answering the ultimate question, ‘What electric vehicle do you want to drive?’ Our answer is to drive responsible industrialization of our vision for people to enjoy our cars, also known as, ‘Move Humanity.’” It is a Montage Coupe model that appears to be a modern version of classic British sports cars from the 1950s such as the Bentley S1 Coupe and Moragan Plus Four.

The price for this limited-edition retro electric model is at least $499,000. "As we achieve milestones along our roadmap to mass production, opportunities are created to build special vehicles. Montage was created to bring people together to support electrification," Alpha Motor Corporation said in the model's announcement.

Alfa says that the Montage will be available with an optional electric motor that delivers 201 hp and 3,335 Nm of torque, and power is sent to the rear wheels. True, the company did not clarify whether this huge torque is the result of multiplication with the torque of the gearbox, but that is generally how these big numbers are obtained.

Also, the specifications of the standard drive, as well as the batteries, have not been announced. However, it is stated that the battery provides a range of 402 kilometers on a single charge. The car is 4,400 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,384 mm high, and there is enough room for four passengers inside.

The dashboard has a retro design with large analog dials with chrome bezels. The center console features large air vents with chrome details, while there is also a classic-looking radio. Luggage can be stored in the front and back of the car.