The Drako Dragon is powered by four electric motors and has 2,000 horsepower

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The Drako Dragon is powered by four electric motors and has 2,000 horsepower
The Drako Dragon is powered by four electric motors and has 2,000 horsepower

The Drako Dragon electric SUV with impressive performance was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Drako Dragon has gullwing doors and is powered by four electric motors, which deliver a total of 2,000 HP. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes less than two seconds, while the maximum speed is more than 198 mph.

It is the successor to the GTE electric supercar that attracted attention in 2020 and is actually a two-door SUV with large gullwing doors that allow access to the front and rear seats. There is room for five people inside.

The drive, which consists of four electric motors, is based on the one used by the aforementioned GTE. Each wheel got its own motor, and the battery was also developed by the company Drako. It can be charged with a power of 500 kW, which enables charging up to 80 percent of capacity in ten minutes.

This is enough to travel 335,54 miles, while a fully charged battery allows a maximum range of 420.047 miles.

The system is managed by Drako DriveOS.

It should be said that the SUV is made of carbon, and the result is a 50 percent reduction in weight and an increase in stiffness.

Still, it's still not exactly light at 2,254 kg, but it's still slightly lighter than Tesla's Model X Plaid and has a longer range and almost twice as much power. Dragon was designed in Italy, so its exotic style, great performance, and efficiency are not surprising.

The front end resembles the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept with an open nose and curved hood that directs air over the car. The rear end is designed to channel air to increase downforce. The interior is focused on technology and has a 17.1-inch central touchscreen, as well as a small screen for the driver.

The steering wheel also has touch controls. An entertainment system is also available for rear-seat passengers, while cameras connected to screens in the corners of the dashboard are used instead of rear-view mirrors. If the cameras are not legal by the time sales begin, the manufacturer will install standard mirrors.

The Drako Dragon will be manufactured in the USA, with the goal of producing 5,000 units per year. Deliveries to customers are not expected until 2026, reservations are being taken, and the car will cost at least $290,000.

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