DRAG RACE: Rimac Nevera vs Lamborghini Aventador SVJ


DRAG RACE: Rimac Nevera vs Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
DRAG RACE: Rimac Nevera vs Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The Rimac Nevera is not just a fast electric supercar, it represents a completely different "genre of speed". The Croatian masterpiece took on Lamborghini's Aventador SVJ model. Top Gear staged a drag race in the first episode of the new season, and Chris Harris was behind the wheel of Nevera.

This hypercar has four electric motors, one for each wheel, delivering a total of 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.97, and to 300 in 9.3 seconds. It covers a section of 402 meters in 8.6 seconds, while the maximum speed is 412 km/h.

Despite these frightening data, the company Rimac Automobili says that there is still room for improvement. Production of only 150 copies is planned. Chris Harris was very impressed with the capabilities of the Nevera. “That’s not driving, that’s an out-of-body experience”.

The Aventador SVJ is powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine that develops 759 hp and 720 Nm of torque. By all standards it is fast, and it was also the fastest Aventador until the arrival of the Aventador Ultimae model. The maximum speed of the Aventador SVJ is 352 km/h.

The race ended without any surprises, but it was still interesting to watch.


"Capable of exceptional speeds, swift and powerful beyond comprehension. Like the mighty storm system from which it takes its name, Nevera is a force like no other.

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Croatia, defined by function and forged from a love for automotive, Nevera was born to outperform." "The name given to a quick, sudden and mighty Mediterranean storm, that races across the open sea off Croatia, a Nevera is extremely powerful and charged by lightning." "Striking with exceptional speed and severity, our new generation of hypercar proudly carries the name but also the characteristics of this unique meteorological force of nature." "Four motors.

Four wheels. Each of Nevera's wheels are independently driven by one dedicated electric motor which channels torque accordingly to give unprecedented control and agility." reads their description.


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