Manhart BMW M2 is a more powerful version of the M2 and is code named MH2 560


Manhart BMW M2 is a more powerful version of the M2 and is code named MH2 560

Manhart already offers a better version of the new BMW M2 that has just been presented by BMW. BMW recently introduced the new M2, but many enthusiasts were disappointed and wished it "stayed covered". They consider it "unfinished" from several angles, and complain that it is only a few kilograms lighter than the larger M4 model, which defeats the purpose of buying a smaller sports car.

However, despite the purists, it is clear that the new M2 will sell well.

In official statements, the BMW tuner says:

“The golden Manhart decal set draws all the attention away from the highly discussed front and rear design, and should emphasize your first impression on the strengths of the new MH2 560, which are its enhanced stance, soundtrack, and immense performance potential”.

Those looking to attract more attention can turn to Manhart, whose solution is called the MH2 560. When Manhart was working on the previous generation F87 M2, they decorated the black body with gold vinyl and offered his own set of rims, and they used the same recipe for the G87.

It's got Manhart Concave One rims with a matte black finish and a gold line around each one, and it's adorned with plenty of Manhart and MH2 560 badging. The front, rear, and roof spoilers, rear diffuser with central light, and numerous aerodynamic details are made of carbon.

However, this model is more than just aesthetic changes. The standard M2 develops 453 hp and 550 Nm of torque, but that's not enough for Manhart. By adding an exhaust system with a valve control system and four tailpipes of the exhaust system with a 100 mm diameter carbon-ceramic finish, as well as remapping the ECU unit of the MH2 560, the tuner was able to deliver 560 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque from the MH2 560.

Due to these changes, it was able to leave the boundaries of the standard M4 model and to come into its own. It is believed that there will also be some changes available for the interior of the car, although there hasn't been a word on it yet.