Tesla cars in big trouble!


Tesla cars in big trouble!

Accidents can still occur even with modern cars' advanced safety features and systems. Statistically speaking, one out of every two cars suffers some kind of damage after leaving the factory, according to carVertical. Some car brands have a higher accident rate than others, which is even more interesting.

This is what we are used to during the entire history of the automobile industry. In a recent study conducted by carVertical, the brand of car with the highest percentage of damaged vehicles was determined, as well as the average value of the damage.

In order to conduct the research, two million carVertical history reports were analyzed for damage data. Users can access history reports containing mileage, damage, ownership, and other important information through carVertical, which collects data from trusted databases and institutions.

This study sought to determine how frequently different car brands report damage records. Because of this, platform users can access real car history reports analyzed by data processing experts.

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In order to calculate the average monetary value, all accidents of a certain brand were added up.

According to the results, certain makes of cars are severely damaged and require expensive repairs. By adding the number of accidents of a particular make and dividing by the total number of history checks for that make, we arrive at the average number of damage cases per vehicle of a particular make.

According to the verified history reports for Tesla, had damage records of 74%, followed closely by Hyundai (69.1%) and Subaru (68.7%). The three car brands with the lowest number of damaged vehicles are Renault (40.8%), Alfa Romeo (40%) and Fiat (39.5%).

There are often logical explanations for such differences. The majority of cars produced by Renault and Fiat are affordable and economical, which make them perfect for family or daily use. For young, inexperienced drivers, Hyundai offers affordable, but "cool" models.

It is generally safe and reliable to drive Subaru cars, but drivers often do not know how to safely operate four-wheel drive vehicles in hazardous conditions. Despite Tesla models' high prices, safety systems, and accelerating almost instantly, few people are familiar with them.