Lamborghini's Miura Roadster is a concept with a distinctive design


Lamborghini's Miura Roadster is a concept with a distinctive design
Lamborghini's Miura Roadster is a concept with a distinctive design

As part of Lamborghini's MUDETEC technology museum, the only copy of Lamborghini's Miura Roadster for sale will be displayed until December. Lamborghini's unique supercar is not just an all-aluminum Miura without a roof, it is also characterised by a design that has a special place in the Lamborghini history due to the way it is uniquely designed.

There was never a production version of this priceless concept, which makes it even more valuable since it never got a production version. In the case of the Carrozzeria Bertone Miura, the changes made by them are easily recognizable in the "sea" of other Miuras, with a number of changes, including a more raked windscreen, as well as larger front and rear air intakes, whereas the previous Miura had neither.

Nevertheless, Lamborghini emphasized that because of these changes, Bertone's designers had been able to maintain the unique purity of the lines of the vehicle.

Lamborghini's Miura

There's a magnificent V12 engine being housed behind the seat that has no shroud, which means that it's completely exposed and accessible by the public.

Additionally, there are unique taillights on the car, as well as a shimmering shade of blue painted on the body of the car called Lame Sky Blu. It must be mentioned that there have been a lot of changes made to the interior, as the controls that would normally be located on the ceiling have been moved.

An early version of the concept was presented at the Brussels Motor Show in 1968, and then the idea was sold to the International Association for Research on Lead and Zinc. Several modifications were made to the car by the organization, including replacing some parts with lighter ones made of zinc and painting the car green as well as adding a green interior.

A technical demonstration vehicle based on the concept was then built and used as a means of demonstrating the concept. Then in 2007 and 2008, the new owner completely restored the model and returned it to its original factory condition.

The unveiling of the Miura Roadster coincides with the end of production of the last Aventador Ultima. This car is a direct homage to the Miura Roadster and features similar colors and Miura badges. Unlike the 1968 Miura Roadster concept, the Aventador Ultima Roadster comes with a removable carbon roof.


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