Ferrari SP51: the latest jewel

This roadster was built at the special request of a Ferrari customer, and is therefore super exclusive, super luxurious and extremely expensive

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ferrari SP51: the latest jewel

Ferrari SP51 is the latest jewel of the famous Italian supercar brand. This roadster was built at the special request of a Ferrari customer, and is therefore super exclusive, super luxurious and extremely expensive. The car is inspired by the 812 GTS, while the look is inspired by the 1955 Ferrari 410 S.

The exteriors are characterized by the livery inspired by the 1955 Ferrari 410 S which here presents a new three-layer color, Rosso Passionale, in fact, made specifically for this model, and a special blue and white that runs along the entire length of the car through the bodywork.

and interior. Unpublished headlights, model-specific rims and two fins at the rear, with the taillights inserted under the spoiler. As for the interior, the passenger compartment takes up the same color that uniquely characterizes the bodywork.

Passionate Red, blue and white return to give life to the elements present inside and to the fabric upholstery that covers the seats, doors and the lower part of the dashboard.

Ferrari SP51: the latest jewel

The combination of smooth surfaces and design touches such as the use of visible carbon fiber and a finish on the bonnet that dynamically frames the two air intakes is excellent; or the interiors in red fabric broken by elements in blue and white stitching that coexist with the ultra-sporty shapes and structure.

With a V12 engine, positioned in the front of the vehicle, it has a design based on the architecture of the 812 GTS. Beyond the characteristic style and elegance, the great goal is represented by its aerodynamics. A feature that required meticulous refinement with driving simulations and wind tunnel tests to ensure maximum comfort in the passenger compartment.

The total absence of the roof makes the SP51 a real roadster. The shapes are more aggressive and muscular than the donor car and are underlined by the three-layer Passionate Red livery (obviously unique for this car) with white / blue stripes and numerous visible carbon elements.

The latter was also used for the new element on the hood which integrates the air vents. Specific headlights with integrated daytime running lights have also been designed for the SP51, while the alloy wheels with carbon fins are reminiscent of those of the SP3 Daytona.

The interior is characterized not only by the contrast between the Passuibale red and the Momo Opaco black of the Alcantara upholstery, but also by the blue and white colors, which in fact recall the stripes of the bodywork in the space between the two seats and on the seams of the steering wheel.

. This prototype represents the absolute pinnacle of Ferrari's customization possibilities. This car, in fact, was tailor-made for a Taiwanese customer who is also one of the main collectors of Ferrari in the world.