John Cena Confirms WWE Retirement

Wrestling legend sets stage for emotional final year.

by Zain ul Abedin
John Cena Confirms WWE Retirement
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Sixteen-time world champion wrestler John Cena revealed at the "Money in the Bank" event at Scotiabank Arena on Sunday that his WWE days are numbered. Cena picked the place as the perfect setting to announce his final year in pro wrestling and signify an end of a legendary career encompassing more than two decades.

Coming as he stood in the ring, ringing true with a new time-stamped towel declaring "The last time is now," and illustrated on his classic silhouette from The Time Is Now. While his wardrobe certainly helped drive that point home, featuring a shirt branded.

"The Last Time Is Now Tour" along with the words "John Cena Farewell." It was the attire that marked a somber departure from his trademark "Never give up" slogan. Cena delivered an emotional speech to the crowd before leaving, stating: ''Thank you for letting me play in The Big Boys' House and do my thing.

The crowd responded in turn with a deafening chorus of "Thank you, Cena," evidence of the massive impact he has made within the wrestling industry.

Cena's Iconic Rise

Cena began his career with WWE in 2002, and instantly became a fan-favorite for fans everywhere.

Originally made famous for his "Doctor of Thuganomics" persona, Cena quickly became a household name with his collection charisma and athletic ability. He wrestled many of the top talent in wrestling such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who he faced twice at WrestleMania.

While Cena fell short in their initial contest, he emerged victorious the second time around (bronze medal), making him one of the most iconic figures in wrestling. Though Cena has cut down on his wrestling shows while entering the new decade - writing himself a ticket to Hollywood in doing so -the leader of Cenation continued having an important place within WWE.

His infrequent appearances - such as at WrestleMania XL, where he watched Cody Rhodes defeat Roman Reigns - have always been major events. For the record, his remaining matches include the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania as John Cena will be saying goodbye from WWEs annual show next year in Las Vegas.

It could also be his last as he would appear in the main event of WrestleMania for what may very well be his sixth time. John Cena may be revered as the biggest superstar WWE has produced, quite rightly so both inside and out of said ring given his 700 (and counting) wishes granted for terminally ill children via Make-A-Wish Foundation.

He had the top merchandise seller of his era, combined with an incredible range as a performer to make him one of WWE's greatest workers ever and in many discussions about the hypothetical "Mount Rushmore" you would assume Rock will have a place.

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