Scottie Scheffler Joins Star-Studded Texas Athlete Investors in New Pickleball Team

Powerhouse Athletes Collaborate to Shape Pickleball's Future Success

by Nouman Rasool
Scottie Scheffler Joins Star-Studded Texas Athlete Investors in New Pickleball Team
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Renowned golfer Scottie Scheffler has become part of a burgeoning trend as he ventures into the world of pickleball investment, joining the ranks of numerous esteemed athletes who are backing the meteoric rise of this sport in the United States.

Scheffler, a Texas native, who boasts the distinguished title of being the world's number-one ranked player, has delved into a fresh endeavor by investing in the Texas Ranchers, a nascent pickleball team that is set to compete in the Major League Pickleball (MLP).

Having honed his skills while playing for the University of Texas, Scheffler's journey is distinctly Texan, hailing from Dallas and having cut his teeth in junior tournaments across the Lone Star State.

Texan Stars Unite Behind Ranchers

However, Scheffler is far from the sole Texan luminary funneling resources into this venture.

In an impressive display of camaraderie, the likes of Micah Parsons from the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans Quarterback C.J. Stroud, and former Texas A&M standout Myles Garrett have also stepped up to endorse the Ranchers financially.

As Scheffler eloquently puts it, "I’m looking forward to seeing how the sport and fandom develop. I’m proud to support the Ranchers in building a world-class franchise in my home state." The Lone Star State's famed mantra, "Everything’s bigger in Texas," finds new resonance as these athletes rally behind the Texas Ranchers, poised to make a resounding impact.

The timing of this announcement couldn't have been more serendipitous. Amidst the excitement, the next event in the MLP calendar is scheduled to unfold in Atlanta in late September. This disclosure harmoniously coincided with the week of the Tour Championship, an annual golf tournament held at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club.

Scheffler, currently holding the esteemed position of being the world's top-ranked player and leading the FedEx Cup standings, is poised to begin the Tour Championship with a remarkable 10-under par score, courtesy of the tournament's unique format.

Looking ahead, Scheffler disclosed his immediate plans, sharing his intention to exclusively participate in the Ryder Cup later in the upcoming fall. Subsequently, he aims to capitalize on a well-deserved hiatus to rejuvenate for the forthcoming 2024 season.

In the interim, Scheffler may seize the opportunity to acquaint himself with his newly associated pickleball team during the off-season—an engagement that is bound to attract considerable attention. After all, pickleball's trajectory has been nothing short of astonishing, solidifying its reputation as the fastest-growing sport in the United States.