Wyoming Football Media Day: Ex-Central High Star's Message to Young Athletes

A Rising Star's Football Journey: Skill, Dedication, and Promise

by Nouman Rasool
Wyoming Football Media Day: Ex-Central High Star's Message to Young Athletes

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the University of Wyoming Football Media Day, a familiar face stood out among the crowd – none other than Andrew Johnson, the former star athlete from Central High School. It was a fortuitous opportunity to catch up with Johnson, whose journey from high school prominence to his current position was nothing short of inspiring.

When the question arose about the advice he might offer to the young and aspiring athletes who looked up to him, Johnson's response was laden with both sagacity and motivational fervor. Reflecting on the oft-cherished dream of playing Division 1 Football, Johnson candidly shared his nuanced perspective.

"You say that, but until I had the opportunity to get in there, get under a coach that sent multiple kids to college," Johnson began, his words carrying the weight of experience. He went on to emphasize the crucial role of systematic training, especially within the confines of the weight room – a space where aspirations are translated into concrete results.

Johnson debunked the fallacy that success could be achieved solely during the autumn season, and in his resolute voice, he conveyed a powerful message to budding athletes. "It’s all the work you have to do in the offseason and for all those kids out there who want to do it.

I say ‘go do it!’. You are the only one holding yourself back at that point."

Johnson's Prominent Role: Team's Strong Safety

As the dust settles and the spotlight finds its place on the field, Johnson's position on the Cowboys' depth chart as the #2 Strong Safety commands attention.

A testament to his skill and dedication, this ranking signifies his integral role within the team's dynamics. With a palpable excitement in his tone, Johnson acknowledged the responsibilities that lie ahead, promising to make both his hometown of Cheyenne and Central High School proud through his endeavors on the field.

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