Nick Saban on Realignment: 'Athletes Should Be the Priority'


Nick Saban on Realignment: 'Athletes Should Be the Priority'

Amid the whirlwind of conference realignment, Nick Saban, the revered head coach of Alabama football, underscores the necessity of prioritizing the well-being of the student-athletes. While the landscape of college athletics undergoes significant transformations, Saban's message is clear: student-athletes should be at the forefront of any changes made.

During a recent interaction on Saturday, Saban responded to queries about the dissolution of the Pac-12 conference. While he did not delve deeply into the intricacies of the realignment, he was unyielding in emphasizing the vital nature of the student-athlete experience.

"We are witnessing traditions that have graced college football for decades, being nudged out in this evolving era," expressed Saban. "It's truly disheartening. But when defining what's beneficial for college football, it's imperative we keep the student-athlete central in our deliberations."

Major Shakeup in College Football

Earlier this week, the dynamic of college football underwent significant shifts.

The Big Ten Conference welcomed Oregon and Washington into its fold. This development closely followed UCLA and USC's move to the Big Ten a few months prior. Meanwhile, the Big 12 expanded its roster by bringing in Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah.

The aftermath of these transitions has left the Pac-12 severely diminished, boasting only four schools: Stanford, Cal, Washington State, and Oregon State. While these moves guarantee enhanced financial gains for the transitioning schools, and a portion of those gains will indubitably be funneled towards the athletes, it brings forth logistical challenges.

Athletes will be traversing far more extensive distances to engage in matches against the traditional teams of the Big Ten and Big 12. Can we anticipate a Maryland vs. Oregon or perhaps a USC match in the Big Ten? Or even imagine Utah journeying to Central Florida for a face-off in Big 12? For Saban, the overarching sentiment is unmistakable: the quintessential college experience for athletes holds immeasurable value.

"Our students are here to garner an education. Our role is to cultivate their aspirations, both on the turf and beyond," Saban elaborated. "The decisions that carve the future of college athletics should undeniably resonate positively with our athletes. As we tread forward, it's paramount that their well-being remains our guiding light."