World Championships: FINIS Swimmers Jack and Guy Strike Gold


World Championships: FINIS Swimmers Jack and Guy Strike Gold

In a long-standing partnership with Swimming World, FINIS has repeatedly introduced state-of-the-art products to enhance the performance of swimmers. From snorkels, fins, paddles, to the innovative Smart Goggle and HydroX suit, FINIS leads in the competitive swimming equipment sector.

Serving as the sponsor of Swimming World's coverage of the World Championships in Fukuoka, FINIS prominently showcased its sponsored athletes in competition. Over the fifth and sixth days of the Championships, attention turned to the exhilarating 800-meter freestyle relay.

Thursday saw the women take the plunge, led by Australia, who shattered the world record. The following day, the men showcased their skills, and it was Great Britain that emerged victorious, narrowly missing the world record.

FINIS Champions Fuel Records

The common thread of these record-breaking performances was the presence of FINIS-backed athletes, Shayna Jack of Australia and James Guy of Great Britain. Shayna Jack, already a key part of Australia's world-record-setting 400 freestyle relay team on the opening night, was selected by her team's coaches to manage the second leg of the 800 freestyle relay.

The 24-year-old rose to the challenge, delivering a remarkable split time of 1:55.63. Jack's relay performances at the World Championships have been nothing short of impressive, securing three 100-meter freestyle splits ranked in the all-time top 12.

She also contended in the 50 freestyle individual category, comfortably progressing to the semifinals. Following Jack's success, James Guy took over the pool to help lead Great Britain to gold, contributing a strong 1:45.17 split on the relay's third leg.

Guy's effort kept his team in the lead, setting the stage for anchor Tom Dean. Guy's leadership and solid performance have been crucial to Great Britain's ascent in swimming over recent years. A consistent relay performer, Guy was also a part of the gold-winning 800 freestyle relay team at the Tokyo Olympics.

Reflecting on the team's success, Guy said, “Across the last few years and winning in Tokyo, I think we knew we were the favorites deep down. We never take things for granted. Winning is great, but chasing the world record was always in our minds.

Everything happens for a reason. Winning tonight was really nice…We're competing against the world's best on a global stage, which is an honor. We hope to continue progressing next year and improve our individual times”.