Multi-Sport Champions: Brentwood's Top Athletes of 2022-23


Multi-Sport Champions: Brentwood's Top Athletes of 2022-23

Brentwood High School's eagerly awaited announcement of the Mark Reider Award and Booster Athlete Award winners marked the conclusion of the 2022-23 school year, honoring the outstanding male and female senior athletes. Proudly sponsored by the Brentwood High Athletic Boosters, this year's recipients were Carter Betz and Brianna Folino, both highly accomplished multi-sport athletes representing the Spartans.

Carter Betz, an exceptional 5-foot-10 senior guard, left an indelible mark on various sports at Brentwood. Under the guidance of Coach David Pavlecic, Betz's growth and leadership in track were evident throughout the season.

His dedication, willingness to learn, and unwavering commitment earned him praise both on and off the field. Throughout his high school journey, Betz accumulated an impressive ten varsity letters, excelling in soccer, basketball, and track.

His remarkable performances earned him three-time recognition as the "most outstanding" team member in track. Grateful and humbled by the Mark Reider Award, Betz expressed his pride in contributing to Brentwood's athletic legacy and is set to pursue a track career at Allegheny College while studying accounting.

Brianna Folino: A Stellar Athletic Legacy

Brianna Folino, a swift and skillful 5-3 senior guard, shone brightly as a returning starter in basketball. Her unwavering determination and team-first attitude earned her immense respect from Coach Rachel Thomas and her peers.

Folino's selflessness and exceptional passing abilities helped create scoring opportunities for her teammates, making her an invaluable asset on the court. Beyond basketball, she participated in volleyball and softball, showcasing her versatility and commitment to sports.

Additionally, Folino's academic excellence and involvement in the National Honor Society were laudable, demonstrating her dedication to both academics and athletics. Elated to receive the Booster Athlete Award, Folino continues her family's legacy, following in her sister's footsteps who also received the award as a Brentwood graduate.

As she sets her sights on attending Duquesne to study data science, Folino leaves behind an extraordinary high school journey, marked by 13 varsity letters across basketball, volleyball, softball, and cheerleading. Brentwood's tradition of recognizing Scholar-Athletes continued this year, with C.J.

Fox and Leyha Ho receiving well-deserved accolades. In addition to Betz and Folino, other students who earned the title of "most outstanding" team member for their respective sports were celebrated for their remarkable contributions to Brentwood's athletic excellence.

The Brentwood High Athletic Boosters and the entire school community join in congratulating the 2022-23 award winners for their outstanding achievements, sportsmanship, and commitment to representing Brentwood High School with pride and excellence on and off the field.

As the school year concludes, these exceptional athletes leave a lasting legacy, inspiring future generations to strive for greatness in both academics and athletics.