Chandler Teen Set to Dazzle at National Junior Olympics


Chandler Teen Set to Dazzle at National Junior Olympics

Eugene, Oregon - The anticipation is building as the highly anticipated 2023 USA Track and Field (USATF) National Junior Olympic Championships are set to kick off on Monday. The event will take place at the renowned Hayward Field, nestled within the picturesque campus of the University of Oregon.

This hallowed track has long been revered as a sacred ground for the world's top athletes, and next week, it will play host to an array of exceptional young runners, including the remarkable 15-year-old prodigy from Chandler, Josiah Rue.

Rue, who garnered attention during his freshman year as a standout athlete at Chandler High School and the Arizona Cheetahs Track Club, has been earmarked as a rising star in the sport. His coach, Derrick Richardson, has been astounded by Rue's innate talent, which extends across multiple disciplines.

"He's simply a natural. He possesses that rare gift, that raw ability that sets him apart from the rest. It's as if he steps onto the track, and magic happens," praised Richardson. "Despite being relatively new to the sport, having only competed for a year and a half, his potential is truly awe-inspiring.

Once he masters the intricacies of the sport, he will undoubtedly reach unimaginable heights."

Rue's Dazzling Qualification Ignites National Anticipation

While Rue's dedication to athletics is unquestionable, he is also a multi-sport athlete and will be joining the Chandler High School Wolves' Junior Varsity football team this fall.

Just weeks ago, he showcased his speed and agility at the USATF Region 10 Junior Olympic Championships, where he achieved a personal record with an impressive time of 11.17 seconds in the 100 meters. This outstanding result secured his qualification for the upcoming National Championships, fueling anticipation for his performance in Oregon.

Richardson, who has been an integral part of the Cheetahs family for three decades, emphasized the significance of the event being held at Hayward Field. He implored Rue and his fellow young athletes to savor every moment they spend on this revered track.

Recognizing the financial commitment required for Rue to participate in the week-long competition, Rue's mother, Ali-Ca Nia Madison, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to garner support. "The opportunity to compete at Hayward Field is a dream come true.

It's the mecca of track and field, where the greatest stars and luminaries gather annually for the Nationals. For our athletes to have this chance in their careers, it's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Richardson expressed.

"Once Josiah realized he had the potential to compete with the best, he truly came alive. My dream is to witness him transcend to the next level and embrace his greatness fully." While Rue's ultimate aspiration is to represent his country at the Summer Olympics, he remains grounded in the present, diligently working towards achieving a remarkable time of 10.9 seconds in the 100 meters.

Balancing his athletic pursuits with academic excellence, Rue has already enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) classes and will participate in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, nurturing his growth as a critical thinker and active learner.

The combination of Rue's tenacity, discipline, and early success has laid a solid foundation for what promises to be an illustrious athletic journey. "It takes unwavering dedication to excel in this sport, and I strive to give it my all.

The thought of representing my country in the Olympics is simply astounding," shared Rue, his eyes shimmering with ambition. As he embarks on this momentous endeavor, one thing is certain: Josiah Rue's star is on the rise, and the world of athletics eagerly awaits his ascent.