Patrick Mahomes: Embracing the Villain Within for NFL Domination


Patrick Mahomes: Embracing the Villain Within for NFL Domination
Patrick Mahomes: Embracing the Villain Within for NFL Domination

As the 27-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback gears up for another thrilling NFL season, Patrick Mahomes made a surprising revelation during an interview with CBS Mornings’ Nate Burleson. He shared that he relishes the unique thrill of playing as the villain in rival stadiums, sometimes even more than being the home turf hero.

Thriving in Hostile Territory

The two-time Super Bowl champion was asked by Burleson, “What's a better feeling: playing the hero at home, or the villain on the road?” In a tantalizing preview clip aired on Friday, Mahomes candidly confessed, “Oh, man ...

I like to be the villain a little bit”. While the star quarterback thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes with leading the Chiefs to victory at their home ground, Arrowhead Stadium, there's a unique satisfaction for him in silencing opposing crowds. “Obviously, it's cool at Arrowhead — be the hero and win the games and be able to host the AFC Championship trophy,” he explained, “But it's just as fun, no offense to any of my division opponents, to go to their places and win those games”.

Mahomes then smiled and added a self-aware note, “Both are great. But even though I hide the smile, I like being the villain sometimes”.

Behind-the-Scenes Dedication

After a stellar season that saw Mahomes named the 2022 MVP, his wife, Brittany, offered a peek into the relentless work ethic that powers his success. "No one truly sees the grind and the effort and how many hours you're putting in around the clock, behind the scenes, day in and day out," she revealed in a video.

Mahomes also shared his ambitions for his two young children, expressing a desire to instill in them a relentless pursuit of their dreams, much like his own. “I don't know what my kids' dreams are going to be, but I want them to work hard at it and try to achieve those," he stated.

The devoted father concluded, “Now they're too young to understand, but when they see this as they get older, I want them to know that they can go out there and chase their dreams and still have a great family at home”.