Teddy Long: I’m not a John Cena fan


Teddy Long: I’m not a John Cena fan

Teddy Long talked about a potential match between John Cena and LA Knight in the "Road Trip After Hours" podcast. LA Knight's photo on Cena's profile caused many rumors. Long surprised many with his reaction, given that he immediately emphasized that he was not a fan of John Cena.

As for the fight, Long doesn't know what to expect. “Well, I don’t know, man. You know what I mean? I’ll just be straight up with you. I’m not a John Cena fan, okay, so I don’t really know. LA Knight, I like this kid, man, and I think it’s a great opportunity for him to work with someone like John Cena.

But I mean, you know, I don’t know if Cena is serious about coming back to wrestling. I just don’t get none of it and I guess it’s really not my business anyway, so whatever happens, you know, it shouldn’t concern me anyway, but if that’s what happens, you know, we’ll just wait and see”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Teddy Long on the most irritating person

In the continuation of the conversation, Long revealed who was the most irritating person to work with. Long had no qualms that it was Hornswoggle.

He recalled interesting moments. “He got a lot of ribs pulled on him (laughs)….He’s just annoying sometimes and he you know, especially when he got to drinking and I had to do some stuff with him one time during St.

Patrick’s Day or something like that. And him and Kristen Marshall I think they drank up all the real alcohol. So we had no props. That was good. That was a lot of fun. But Hornswoggle, I remember one time I guess he had got drunk or something.

And the next thing I knew I see Undertaker’s got him on one of these luggage carts and he’s pushing him on the elevator and just throws him on the elevator or something. Something happened like that. But I know he was on a luggage cart”.

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