Luka Modric Enjoys His Break on the Ferretti Custom Line 120 Erolia


Luka Modric Enjoys His Break on the Ferretti Custom Line 120 Erolia
Luka Modric Enjoys His Break on the Ferretti Custom Line 120 Erolia

After a long and gruelling season, Luka Modric, the esteemed captain of the Croatian football team and renowned Real Madrid midfielder, has embarked on a well-earned break. He is currently soaking up the sun with his family, anchored off the glittering coast of Dubrovnik aboard an extravagant luxury yacht.

It's a break filled with sun, sea, and the awe-inspiring views of the Adriatic, as the football icon retreats from the pitch to the plush comforts of "Erolia".

A Nautical Marvel: Ferretti Custom Line 120 Erolia

Modric's temporary refuge is the illustrious Ferretti Custom Line 120 Erolia, a vessel that graces the upper echelons of luxury seafaring.

This imposing, 38-meter long motor yacht is one of only 1,099 in the world with a length ranging between 35 to 40 meters. Launched in Italy in 2022, it proudly sails under the flag of the United Kingdom – the fourth most popular flag among superyachts worldwide.

Onboard, the yacht comfortably accommodates up to ten guests across five opulent suites, offering an unparalleled level of luxury and privacy. Those wishing to emulate Modric's lifestyle will need to dig deep, as a week's charter of the Erolia comes with a dizzying price tag of 160,000 euros.

However, it's currently off-limits as the Croatian sportsman enjoys his respite alongside family. With a dedicated seven-member crew ensuring the highest standard of service, it's clear Modri? and his family are in good hands.

The vessel's elegant interior and exterior design are the creative work of renowned interior architecture designer Francesco Paszkowski, offering guests a refined and visually stunning environment.

Docking in Dubrovnik: The Pearl of the Croatian Coast

Modric, always accompanied by his family and close friends, first boarded the yacht in Srebreno's port, a picturesque harbor close to the 'Pearl of the Adriatic' – Dubrovnik.

The Croatian city, renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty and rich history, offers a backdrop every bit as captivating as the superyacht itself. Ever gracious, Modric didn't shy away from his fans before setting sail. According to local media, he gladly posed for a picture with restaurant staff near the docking area, further enhancing his reputation as a star both on and off the pitch.