Jim Cornette reacts to CM Punk's promo


Jim Cornette reacts to CM Punk's promo

Jim Cornette commented on CM Punk's return in his "Jim Cornette Experience" podcast. The fans in Chicago gave him a great reception. CM Punk once again showed what a quality wrestler he is and how much he means to the wrestling scene.

“So it was a huge ovation, and he brought the bag with the belt that he never lost, his wrestling shoes around his neck, and his first words were basically ‘I’m tired of being nice.’ No more Mr. Nice Guy for the Punkster, and this is the professional wrestling business.

And he put over Chicago and the fans. He started the first of several times that he said what may be a new trademark, I don’t like the word catchphrase, it’s a trademark line for him. Tell me when I’m telling lies.

Which might be something that he can use quite often around that place when everybody else is saying [sings] Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

CM Punk

CM Punk has vast experience and talent.

His conversation with the crowd is really something special, He caused huge ovations and reactions. “So he said, ‘Some people some people hate me for the same reason that you love me Chicago. And I understand that the sheer magnitude of me makes some people uncomfortable.’ This guy, and then the fans start chanting The Elite’ of course.

Again, he is so brilliant verbally, such a cunning linguist that he doesn’t have to do the cheap that’s obvious to get people to chant derogatory things about people he doesn’t like. He can just make a blanket statement and they get the point.

And one that got a lot of traction, as they say, on social media with David Zaslav, who I had to check on that one, but he’s I guess the president of Warner Brother Discovery media conglomerate. But he said, ‘David Zaslav calls me One Bill Phil, because I’m the one true article in a business of counterfeit Bucks.’ And that one landed, and he winked at the guy in the Cornette face shirt”.

Cm Punk