Mission Valley Athletes Shine at All-Star Game

Exceptional performances elevate local athletes in prestigious event.

by Nouman Rasool
Mission Valley Athletes Shine at All-Star Game

In a thrilling display of athleticism and strategic acumen, the Mission Valley athletes exhibited exceptional prowess at the 39th Annual Bob Cleverly 8-Man All-Star Game. The exciting event was held earlier this month at the illustrious Bob Green Field in Butte, where Team Blue, bolstered by the talents of the Mission Valley athletes, triumphed over Team Red with a compelling scoreline of 56-40.

The spectacle began with Bryce Umphrey from Mission Valley showcasing his elite athleticism. Umphrey kicked off the game on a high note for Team Blue, launching a stunning 70-yard punt return that established an early lead for his team.

This moment of brilliance sparked the initial 6-0 advantage in favor of Team Blue, hinting at the exciting match that was about to unfold.

Team Blue Rebounds Strongly

However, Team Red demonstrated resilience by retaliating effectively, overtaking Team Blue to lead the match 14-6.

Unfazed by the temporary setback, Mission’s Canyon Sargent was quick to respond with a powerful goal-line run that successfully diminished Team Red's advantage. Compounding Team Red's troubles, Tucker Love of Charlo showcased his defensive instincts by recovering a fumble in the subsequent kickoff.

The Blue Team seized this opportunity, scoring once again to recapture the lead at 18-14. The highlight of the event was the naming of the Most Valuable Players for Team Blue. In recognition of their standout performances, Bryce Umphrey was lauded as the Blue Team's MVP for offense, while Canyon Sargent earned the accolade for defense, a testament to the significant contributions made by Mission Valley athletes.

Other notable Mission Valley players who left an indelible mark on the game included Carmine Adams, Chance Bockman, Kellen McClure, and Kenny Ness, along with Charlo’s prodigy, Keaton Piedalue. Capping off the memorable event, former Mission head coach Carson Oakland, currently helming the Polson Pirates, masterminded the Blue Team’s victory.

Under his effective leadership and strategic game planning, the athletes from Mission Valley were able to shine and lead their team to an impressive victory in the celebrated All-Star game.