Tommy Dreamer confirms he has been diagnosed with skin cancer for the third time


Tommy Dreamer confirms he has been diagnosed with skin cancer for the third time

Tommy Dreamer, a popular wrestler, confirmed during his appearance on the "House of Hardcore" podcast that he was diagnosed with skin cancer for the third time. Dreamer fought this illness for years and won. He has shown many times that he is a true warrior.

That's what he wants to show this time too! “I know you’re all looking at this and saying, ‘What the hell is so shiny on your head? Are you going to town? Are you having barbed wire matches? Being crazy?’ No, guess what ladies and gentlemen? That’s skin cancer.

That’s right. Being a Guido all these years has caught up to me. This is the second time, no, the third time I’ve had skin cancer, and of course, it’s on my head but I’m not a pretty boy anymore. I’m hardcore”.

- he said, as quoted by

Tommy Dreamer talks about surgery

Dreamer described how the entire surgery process looks like. Despite the fact that Dreamer is not having the easiest of times, he still has the determination and strength to fight anything that comes his way.

“Scary when they tell you you have cancer and it’s the best form of cancer, but you have to get it removed for this. They’re able to cut it out. It’s called Mohs surgery. I’ve had it before. I’ve had it here on my chest, I’ve had it on my head, and now I have a bigger one on my head.

What you’re looking at is the grossness of 42 stitches. I had 23 outside and 19 inside. You don’t feel it when they’re cutting you. It’s weird. They numb your whole head. The weirdness of it is they have to cauterize your stuff, so you could smell your skin burning.

The part that I didn’t like, you can hear the scalpel cutting open your head, and the worst part is you can hear them when they’re putting in the stitches. It’s a long task to get that many stitches, but it’s in your head.

They can numb it, you’re not feeling it, but you can hear it. You don’t feel it, but you can hear it going into your skin and the tightening of the thread. It’s gross”.