MVP on The Iron Sheik as the greatest heel ever


MVP on The Iron Sheik as the greatest heel ever

MVP spoke to the Cheap Heat podcast about the passing of The Iron Sheik. MVP often used moments to watch old matches of The Iron Sheik via YouTube. He was blown away by what The Iron Sheik had to show. A man who left a big mark on the wrestling scene and who will be remembered by many for years to come.

“In honor of Sheiky baby, I went down the YouTube rabbit hole. And I was watching some of his old, old stuff when he was Khosrow Ali or when he still had hair. And he was, like, I’d say maybe 215 pounds, 220. Shredded … He was a babyface in that particular match and the crowd was popping for him because of his athleticism.

He was doing cartwheels [and] suplexes. And, you know, watching wrestling from that time, and watching him wrestle that way at that time, it just kind of made me smile and remember why I used to think wrestling was real because he was real.

-MVP said, as quoted by

MVP talks about The Iron Sheik

MVP believes that The Iron Sheik will remain one of the most famous heels in the history of the wrestling scene. “And when you ask me about the all-time great heels, you know, I was born in ’73, so I remember the Iran hostage crisis and the Ayatollah Khomeini, and, you know, that was a part of my childhood.

So when, you know, Iron Sheik came on the scene and lost to Hulk Hogan and later on was teaming up with Nikolai Volkoff … This is iconic. This is legendary. We’ve never forgotten this. So in the pantheon of all-time great WWF/WWE bad guys, I mean he’s got to be right up there at the top.

You know, it’s subjective, but certainly for me, if you ask me, he is the most memorable all-time WWF bad guy”.