Cristiano Ronaldo's Obligation to Georgina in Case of Split - 100,000 Euros


Cristiano Ronaldo's Obligation to Georgina in Case of Split - 100,000 Euros
Cristiano Ronaldo's Obligation to Georgina in Case of Split - 100,000 Euros

When it comes to their relationships, celebrities often face unique challenges - their lives are scrutinized, and every hiccup is magnified under the glare of public interest. One such celebrity couple, international football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his long-term partner Georgina Rodriguez, have allegedly taken a strategic step to safeguard their interests in case their relationship heads south.

Prenuptial Agreement... Without the Nuptials

According to Spanish media, Ronaldo and Rodriguez have instituted a unique agreement to ensure financial stability should they part ways. Despite not being married, this contract, somewhat akin to a prenuptial agreement, reportedly stipulates that in the event of a split, Rodriguez will receive substantial financial support from Ronaldo.

This arrangement includes Ronaldo leaving Rodriguez a property in Madrid, and additionally, she would receive a monthly stipend of around 100,000 euros for the rest of her life. These terms reflect an understanding of Rodriguez's crucial role in the lives of their children.

The Mom to Ronaldo's Brood

This agreement is rooted in the fact that Rodriguez is considered the legal mother of all of Ronaldo's children, not just their biological daughters, Alani (six) and Bella (one). Ronaldo's 13-year-old son, Cristiano Jr., whose biological mother's identity remains undisclosed, and twins Mateo and Eva (6), born via a surrogate mother, are all under Rodriguez's care.

Despite not being biologically connected to all the children, Rodriguez's relationship with them has been a significant factor in this alleged contractual agreement.

Dispelling Breakup Rumors

The couple, together since 2016, has experienced their share of rumors surrounding their relationship status.

Earlier this year, speculation increased when they were exempted from Saudi Arabian laws that prevent unmarried couples from cohabitating, a special arrangement made when Ronaldo signed for Al-Nassr football club. Moreover, recent rumors about a potential breakup, triggered by Rodriguez's reported spending habits, have been circulating.

However, Ronaldo's mother, Dolores, vehemently denies these allegations. She maintains that there's no change in her son's relationship with Rodriguez, and any reports suggesting otherwise are unfounded.

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