Anitta Exposes Secret Affair with Neymar Amidst Love Triangle Drama


Anitta Exposes Secret Affair with Neymar Amidst Love Triangle Drama

In an electrifying revelation, Brazilian pop sensation Larissa de Macedo Machado, globally renowned by her stage name Anitta, confessed her clandestine affair with soccer star Neymar while he was involved with actress Bruna Marquezine.

The Affair Unearthed

The 'Girl from Rio' hitmaker candidly admitted in a recent interview that she was romantically linked to the illustrious footballer in 2019. She revealed that their relationship involved more than friendly banter, with a secretive kiss being a part of their shared history.

However, Anitta chose to be tight-lipped about the further details, adding an air of mystery to this confession. Earlier, the pop icon had persistently refuted rumors of an affair with Neymar, emphasizing that their relationship was purely platonic.

Reflecting on her stance, she said, "I’ve been Neymar’s friend for many, many years. I’m not a friend of Marquezine and she was in the same group only because my press advisor is a good friend of hers." Unabashed and defiant, she added, "I work and earn my own money and I’m not going to stop going out with my friends because of other people.

But if people are saying that I got off with Neymar, it’s a lie. Nothing happened between us."

A Complicated Love Triangle?

During the same interview, Anitta also opened up about her relationship with the Colombian singer Maluma, with whom she has collaborated on several chart-topping hits.

She professed her lingering affection for him, further complicating the dynamics of her relationships with her fellow celebrities. On the other side of this intricate relationship web, Neymar, the 31-year-old forward for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi, a popular social media influencer, recently announced they're expecting a child.

Neymar and Biancardi made their relationship public in January 2022. They weathered a brief split in August the same year but managed to mend their relationship, subsequently announcing their pregnancy news in April.