Leo Messi goes to the USA: Barca fans are disappointed

"We never even got to a stage of talking about a contract"

by Sead Dedovic
Leo Messi goes to the USA: Barca fans are disappointed

Although many Barca fans hoped and expected that Leo Messi would return to the club, the Argentine still had somewhat different plans. Leo Messi will most likely become a new Inter Miami player and continue his career there.

He confirmed this in an interview with the media: "I made the decision that I'm going to go to Miami. I still haven't closed it one hundred per cent. I'm missing some things but we decided to continue on the path," -Leo Messi said, as quoted by eurosport.com

Leo Messi and his return

Although the Argentine was ready to return to Barcelona and help his team, he again faced the problems that had bothered him before.

Leo Messi didn't want to go through the same thing again. He realized that it was better to turn his career in another direction. "I really wanted, I was very excited to be able to return [to Barcelona], but after having experienced what I experienced and the exit I had, I did not want to be in the same situation again.
I heard that they had to sell players or lower players' salaries and the truth is that I didn't want to go through that, nor take charge of obtaining something that had to do with all that.
La Liga had given the okay, but it is not true that the decision was mine over a return, because many things were missing.

It is a long summer in which I do not want to go through what I already went through again." The intention on both sides was there. Barcelona wanted to see the legend in the jersey again, but Messi understood that there were many obstacles in the whole process.

"We never even got to a stage of talking about a contract. A proposal was passed over, but never a formal, written, signed proposal, because there was still nothing and we did not know if it was going to be possible or not.
There was the intention, but we couldn't advance anything, we didn't even talk about money formally.

If it had been a matter of money I would have gone to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. It seemed like a lot of money to me and the truth is that my decision was for the other side and not for money."

Leo Messi