Novak Djokovic met Messi and Neymar: An interesting story

"Neymar signed Tara’s jersey, but it’s an interesting story.."

by Sead Dedovic
Novak Djokovic met Messi and Neymar: An interesting story

Novak Djokovic was able to take time out from the French Open to watch the match between PSG and Clermont. It was the last round of the French Championship. In addition to that, the Serb also brought his two children with him.

This great player revealed that Messi and Neymar approached him before the match, which was a pleasant surprise to him. There is no doubt that Messi and Neymar are two great people, according to Djokovic.
“It was my first time meeting them in person – they are great champions, it was a pleasure and an honour to meet them, especially Messi, a player who left an extraordinary mark in the history of football”, -said Djokovic for Tennis Majors.

Novak Djokovic explains the situation

Novak didn't want to disturb these two players, who nevertheless approached to them and decided to talk to the Serbian tennis player. The story of Neymar and Djokovic's younger daughter is particularly interesting.

“They did win the title already, but the expectations are always huge from stars like them.
That’s why I didn’t want to disturb them and to enter their space while they were preparing, but they saw me on their way to the locker room [before the game] and they came to say ’hi’.
Neymar signed Tara’s jersey, but it’s an interesting story.

She doesn’t follow sports much, but she has a school friend who is half Brazilian-half Serbian – that girl dances all the time to this song about Neymar. That’s why she wanted to meet him badly”. Djokovic emphasized that he enjoys being in the company of his children.

Their presence makes Djokovic forget about tennis. “They bring me positive energy, peace and serenity. Most important things. I am the type of person that easily gets excited. My kids’ presence gives me balance, takes my mind off tennis.

I am grateful they came.
Stefan wanted to be with me through the whole routine, to see how it feels – warm up, gym, practice, this board game we always play, lunch…He was there the whole time. They are my angels and they help me a lot to be better on the court and off the court”.

Novak Djokovic