Matt Hardy on CM Punk's return and his interesting reaction

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Matt Hardy on CM Punk's return and his interesting reaction
Matt Hardy on CM Punk's return and his interesting reaction

A lot of talk has been going on about CM Punk returning to AEW in the near future. There are many who are looking forward to the news, but there are also many who are opposed to it as well. It is no secret that CM Punk is a controversial figure who knows how to draw attention to himself and his actions.

In addition to having great qualities, this experienced wrestler also has a lot to offer. Many people in the wrestling world are debating whether or not CM Punk should return to the ring in the future. In his podcast 'The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy', Matt Hardy talked about CM Punk's return to AEW Collision on June 17.

In Hardy's opinion, CM Punk is going to do great things in the future. “CM Punk is a huge star, and him coming back is a big deal,” -Hardy said, as quoted by “It’s going to be very interesting to see the kind of reaction he gets.

When the Young Bucks were in Chicago, they were getting booed out of the building. It’ll be interesting to see Punk’s reaction, considering how smart the AEW fans are”.

Matt Hardy on traveling

AEW Collision is a topic that is being talked about a lot nowadays, especially in regards to which talents will be a part of it all.

Hardy believes that it is very important to know the schedule, considering traveling. “We shall see,” -he said. “I think people kinda want to know what their schedule is, you know, because when you have a live show on Wednesday and a live show on a Saturday, that means the travel is going to take you out Tuesday evening, Thursday morning, and that Friday evening. I think people just want an idea of where they’re gonna land”.

Cm Punk

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