Tyrus: To the trolls on the internet, kiss my entire a**


Tyrus: To the trolls on the internet, kiss my entire a**

Tyrus and his Fox News political commentary have caused many reactions, mostly negative ones. Tyrus has received a lot of criticism. However, this popular wrestler doesn't seem particularly worried. NWA President Billy Corgan decided to defend Tyrus.

Tyrus is happy about that, but he also emphasized that he can fight against such comments himself. “I just laugh. Billy always tries to be room temperature. If you look at every historic moment in pop culture, he’s there.

Dennis Rodman disappears, who is in the car? Billy Corgan. He’s like the guy you see in black and white pictures from World War II, just chilling. For him to take up arms for me, like I said, ‘Boss, you don’t have to fight my battles.

If they hate me and are still watching me, it’s all good.’ If you are a wrestling fan, come boo me, I don’t care, most people cheer me, it doesn’t make no difference to me. I appreciate. It’s less of fans and it’s more of the internet geeks and internet guys who are 45 years old and they write fantasy wrestling stories.

I’m not really upset about that. I give zero [fucks] about that. It gives attention and buzz and everyone talks about it. If you’ve been to a show and they’re cheering and asking me to kiss babies on the head and grandmas jumping up trying to show me love, I only care about the people that watch and buy tickets.

Some jackass on the computer, hate me. I know what you cheer for, I love it, bring it. Boo me, whatever”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Tyrus: To the trolls on the internet, kiss my entire ass

Tyrus isn't too worried about people spending their time on social media giving comments and criticism.

“Here is another thing. There are a couple of wrestlers who chime in. You get all those people who hate on Tyrus to follow me. Let’s see your numbers jump up with the masses of people who hate me, and I’ll give you a title shot.

I don’t care who you are. When you only get 12 more likes and four are from family members, you get nothing. They don’t equate to anything. Social media is only real if you are into social media, and I’m not. Pick anybody on the roster, you haters get behind him, and we’ll give him a shot.

I bet you won’t. That takes hard work, coordination, and intelligence to pick somebody and y’all get together. To the trolls on the internet, kiss my entire ass”.