Thomas Hitzlsperger on the problems of coming out as a gay as a sportsman

"I’ve heard players say they would be very uncomfortable"

by Sead Dedovic
Thomas Hitzlsperger on the problems of coming out as a gay as a sportsman

Thomas Hitzlsperger and his public coming out as gay caused many reactions. Thomas did something that was not popular at the time and caused a real shock among football fans. Today, such a thing is much more popular, and more and more young people decide to speak publicly about their sexual orientation.

During one of the conversations, Thomas revealed why today's soccer players do not want to do the same, even though there are a large number of gay soccer players. “It’s not the media, it’s not the fans, it’s the dressing room,” -Thomas said, as quoted by When you do such a thing, you know that there will probably be reactions, mostly negative ones.

The center of attention goes to you and your club, and that doesn't suit anyone in those moments. “You can unsettle a dressing room,” -Thomas said for The Times. “If you come out as gay, you’re the centre of attention.

All the media would go to the training ground and want to interview the player and his team-mates."

Thomas Hitzlsperger and his view

Thomas emphasized that this very act changes the atmosphere within the team. “Let’s say you’re not a key player, but suddenly you are the most prominent player in that squad.

It can change the atmosphere, can’t it?" Coming out as gay brings many more problems. It's not just you, many people around you feel the consequences of that, so that act seems even harder. “It’s not an issue in the women’s game which is great.

But in the men’s game, it is. It is one thing to say, ‘I accept you are gay or lesbian,’ and another thing to say, ‘You’re gay, but I have to get changed next to you every day; we have to shower with each other.’ It’s different.

I’ve heard players say they would be very uncomfortable. What if a player just waits until you finish showering and then he comes in, just avoids you. You don’t want that, do you?”