Dustin Rhodes is celebrating 15 years of sobriety


Dustin Rhodes is celebrating 15 years of sobriety

Dustin Rhodes is a man who marked an era of the wrestling scene and did great things. What many know is that this popular wrestler had problems with vices: alcohol and drugs. However, at one point in his life, he realized that it was time to stop doing that and devote himself to a completely different life.

Rhodes announced via Twitter that he is celebrating 15 years of sobriety. He is happy that God gave him a new chance and that he learned some things when it was necessary. "Today is a day that I am most proud of. Today is 15 yrs clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.

It was a difficult journey for me, but when we work our programs diligently, magic starts to happen. I thank God for this second chance and new lease on life. I choose not to turn around and take a walk with the devil. I am clean from him, 1 day at a time.

#KeepSteppin #Perseverance #CleanIsCool,” he wrote.

Dustin Rhodes on retirement

Rhodes recently spoke to the Wrestling Perspective podcast about his retirement plans. Age brings new problems with it, and sometimes it is very difficult to follow the pace you followed when you were young.

Dustin is also aware of this. “I have literally wrestled everybody. I’ve done so many great things. The one person I wish I could have worked with and did not get a chance was Randy Savage. When you are 35 years in the business and you’re working pretty steadily on television for so long, your body takes a toll.

I’ve had a lot of surgeries. My knees are getting bad. It may be me saying, ‘Hey man, maybe enough’s enough’, but to answer you, honestly, I don’t know. Could I sign another contract at the end of this term here with Tony and go on and maybe have less matches, you know, a few and far between, some special things that come along down the pike? Yes.

Could I do it 365 days anymore? No, I couldn’t, but we don’t do that anymore. It’s changed dramatically over the years. It’s not like the old days in WWWF when we’re on the road 60 days in a row and then you come home for three and you’re back at for 30.

It was a crazy time schedule back then. It’s a lot more time home now. I still love the business, so it hasn’t left me yet, so I can’t really say, ‘Hey man, this might be it.’ I have been thinking about it, but I want to see what the next step is and we’re just not there yet.

I’m still having fun. Every match that I have now that Tony puts me in, I’m like, man, my knees are hurting right now. Here’s the one thing that I don’t want to happen. The older I get, being 53, if I go out there and stumble and they see it, then they’re going to call for my retirement and I don’t want to embarrass myself”.